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AEO (Authorized Economic Operator) Consultancy

Authorized Economic Operator Status; is an international status that grants privileges and some facilities in customs procedures to trustful companies that performs customs obligations, has regular and trackable registration system, financial capability, has security and safety standards, can make their own auto control. This status is not valid only in Turkey but because of is valid in all countries signed mutual recognition agreement, is a status that offers serious gains evaluated with its aspects of prestige, time and cost.


DLK, about acquiring Authorized Economic Operator Status; provides services of preliminary survey of factory site, determine of failures, filling / updating of questionnaire, realise trainings and applications for security and vehicle controls with compulsory education of customs and foreign trade, process monitoring of application and ministry, accompany to physical site visit, gain, usage and protection of status, prepare Annual Activity Report under name “Authorized Economic Operator Status Consultancy” with an expert team. 


A certain extent of informations for total number not less than 5% (can not be less than 50 units) of import, export and warehouse declarations operand on Green Line of companies owner of Authorized Economic Operator Status; has present obbligation to be attached to an Activity Report as annual and to be compared with customs and other regulations, national and international agreements, company storage records, company financial records. DLK, provides this service with an effective and competent special team, each of whom is a Customs Broker and has been trained to analyze the financial statements, with the audit format it has created with accepted audit techniques. It has created a structure that will not contain any fault and provides the transparency required by the public administration with the tables it has created to make the audit more effective and faster.



Whether you are working with DLK or a different Customs Broker, DLK can automatically analyze all your foreign trade, storage and financial datas on the system, thanks to the tables it has developed. This service is provided by using audit techniques, as in the AEO Annual Report, with a working strategy developed in accordance with the Post-Release-Control Regulation. In this way, the negativities that are likely to be overlooked and which, if detected by official institutions, can lead to much bigger penal situations are identified and prevented.